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Latest Update: November 3rd, 2004

The EuroSpy Guide has now been published! You can buy a copy at or, alternatively, I have a few copies available for sale (email me for more info ).

The contents of the book are (briefly) as follows:

1. Introduction (c8 pages)
- The history of espionage films in the cinema
- An overview of the 60s EuroSpy genre
- Criteria for inclusion

2. Acknowledgements (1page)

3. The Films (c.253 pages)
- An A-Z listing of Eurospy over 200 EuroSpy films, from the notorious (MODESTY BLAISE to the obscure (FBI OPERAZIONE VIPERA GIALLA), from the intelligent (THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM) to the absurd (OPERATION ATLANTIS)
- Each listing includes a full review, cast and selected crew details
- Appropriate images (posters, stills, adsheets etc) are included for most films

4. Bibliography (1 page)

5. Appendix 1: Series Films (c4 pages)
- A brief look at 16 major film series (OSS117, Kommissar X etc etc)

6. Appendix 2: Spy Biographies (c10 pages)
- Biographical information for c27 major spy film stars (Tony Kendall, Roger Hanin, Ken Clark etc etc)

7. Appendix 3: Authors Lists (1 page)
- Top films, actors, villains, funny films, henchmen etc etc

8. Appendix 4: Actor/Director/Composer cross references (c18 pages)
- Alphabetical listing of which actors, directors and composers appear in whic featured films

9. Appendix 5: Original title index (3 pages)

Total length is 306 pages, book size will be 6*9 inches. We don't have the cover through as yet, but I'll will post it as soon as it arrives...

Any questions, feel free to ask in our eurospyguide forum