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Dominique Boschero
Dominique Boschero in ERCOLE CONTRO ULISSE
Dominique Boschero in ERCOLE CONTRO ULISSE.

Nationality: France
Birth: 27th April, 1934

Gorgeous French actress Dominique Boschero appeared in a surprisingly large amount of films from the mid 50s to the mid 80s. Starting off with small or uncredited roles in French films, she soon started getting named parts with Jean Delannoy's The Baron of the Locks (Le baron de l'ecluse, 60). Before long, however, she'd headed off to Italy, beginning her career with Giorgio Simonelli's comedy Un dollaro di fifa (60), which also starred Ugo Tognazzi and Walter Chiari.

After appearing in a few peplums and the like - most notably a winning performance as 'Queen of the Bird Men' in Mario Caiano's fun Ulysses Against the Son of Hercules (Ulisse contro Ercole, 62) - she made her first major impact as a femme fatale in numerous spy films. She appeared in early German / Italian examples of the genre (such as The Secret of the Chinese Carnation (Das geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke, 64), amongst many others.

After the end of the sixties, she continued popping up in a few giallos - Who Saw Her Die (Chi l'ha vista morire?, 72), for instance - but as the decade progressed her appearences became less and less regular. One of her last credited roles was in the 1986 TV series Passioni, directed by Riccardo Donna.

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Argoman the Fantastic Superman. Often dismissed as a mere rip-off of Diabolik, this is actually a great, underrated film. Dominique is excellent as the villainess, a dominatrix in quite astonishing costumes.